Bharat Ramanath

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A.Running can be lonely, meditative and hence therapeutic
B.Running can be talkative, social and hence therapeutic.
C.Running can be intense, adrenaline inducing and hence therapeutic.

I have been mostly an A and C type runner for the last few years with an on-and-off training 'regimen' ( I use the word somewhat loosely!). Joining the PM has imposed discipline and shown me what I have missed. It has also helped also bring in the 'B' element and shown me what else I have missed! So, there is a lot of therapy ahead! I love to be pampered!

Why I run ?

I was one year old and I donĂ¢€™t remember the exact reason. I guess it must have been fun and exhilarating, and it must have driven my parents up the wall. So many possible good reasons!

With The Pace Makers since ?

Personal Hall of Fame
Not so much 'fame'

No chip time
48:20 (TCS 10K, 2013)

1:47:39 (KTM, 2012)
4:20:27 (SCMM, 2014)

Career highlights

Ha ha! The last time I was reasonably competitive and got onto podiums was in school and college! My running career highlights are clearly my PBs listed above. So I have a reasonable expectation that my career highlights are around the corner!

Favourite Running Event

Favourite Running Route
GKVK Trails

Favourite Running Distance

One Whacky/crazy thing nobody knows about me

I have decided to target some celebrities to beat, on my FM PB. My next target is the intellectual giant- George W. Bush!
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