Brijesh Gajera

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I have been a sports aficionado since my childhood. Any outdoor sports telecast on the TV and one would find me glued to it. Even the highlights of same games fascinated me.  But when it came to playing a sport, there was not much beyond what the whole India love to watch and play, which is cricket. In athletics, my favorites were Ukrainian Sergey Bubka and Ethiopian Haile Gebrselassie. While it was impossible to be airborne like Sergey without breaking the bones, running was not beyond reach. There were occasional 500 meter runs in the school playground, but not many. For very long, the runner in me was in hibernation. The awakening came when I registered for the inaugural Bangalore World 10K, though the initial motivation was not running but charity. Parikrma NGO set a stall in my office to encourage people to register for the event and contribute for their good cause. I took the challenge to get myself trained for 10K run in less than two months. Little did I know that it would become a passion in the time to come. The same year I ran my first half marathon and a year later, my first full marathon.
Why I Run
Charity…challenge to…friends…Over the time, all the reasons have taken backseat. What remains now is the road ahead and a will to run.
Started Running
With The PaceMakers Since
Since the Inception of The PaceMakers
Personal Hall of Fame
00:20:01 (Urban Stampede, Bangalore, 2013)
00:43:08 (TCS 10K, Bangalore, 2013)
21.1 K
1:30:59 (Celebration Mysore Run, 2013)
42.2 K
3:18 (Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon, 2014)
Career Highs
Winner of Bangalore Ultra 37.5K in year 2009, Successfully completing 12 Marathons in 12 months in 2011
Favourite Running Event
Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon
Favourite Running Route
GKVK, Bangalore
Favourite Running Distance
Half Marathon and beyond
One Whacky/Crazy Thing Nobody Knows About Me
I love numbers and 13 is my favorite number. I have OCD of checking registration numbers of vehicles on the road and apply mathematical operations to them to convert them to 13. e.g. 1237 -> 1+2+3+7 = 13; 8250 -> 8+5 +(2*0) = 13; 1978 -> 1+7+8-(square root of 9) = 13. Most of the numbers do get converted to 13 :)

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