2016 Plan

| Friday, February 12, 2016 |

These are proposed events the PaceMakers are going to participate in the year 2016-17. Please note that the plan may change based on the training schedule, logistics or other factors.

Organized to celebrate the International Women’s Day, this 5K and 10K run draws plenty of runners. We PaceMakers run it as our first time trial for the upcoming TCS 10K run.
This is the first competitive race of the season and good opportunity to test your 10K performance. Those 3 months of intense training come good when we achieve the 10K PB.
From the Bengaluru Marathon.
Organized by Dr. Gladson for a cause, To raise funds for the Education and Health expenses for HIV Infected Children. TRORT is the expressive version of the Raramuri Runners. This event has its prime goal to promote running among all as a way of healthy living.
A marathon in our own backyard. After two successful years, this event is going to be permanent part of our calendar.
These events can be part of your FM training plan. Pick one to test your legs for a time trial a month before the SCMM 2016.
The Mecca of Indian Marathon running. We all strive to do our best here. The whole training is planned around this event. Enough said.

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