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Consultant, Nokia Solutions and Networks Pvt Ltd

I am an easy- go and fun- loving person who loves rock music. I believe in ‘live and let live’.
A rookie with just two full marathons in the last 2 plus years with an intent to learn from others. I had my first 5K event at Contours Women’s Day Run in Feb 2011 and got bitten by the bug then. After that I bumped into my running buddies (Mayank & Bobby) at office. We used to follow internet plans to train for half and full marathon. Though it works, there was no quality in the training and also it made it more complex by adding injuries.  I joined PaceMakers group in the end of 2012 which had helped me become disciplined and not worry about events being missed. I have been able to improve my performance bit by bit and have also been able to stay away from major injuries due to my training with PaceMakers.

Why I Run

I run to relax and distress myself. Apart from keeping me fit,   I have always enjoyed running as it gives me a high post a workout. Running came to me as an accidental hobby in February 2011. I would hate to walk even half a Km then. A walk in the park one morning converted me into a runner. It gave me a life beyond work and home!!

Started Running
Feb 2011

With The PaceMakers Since
Nov 2013

Personal Hall of Fame

00:22:22 (Urban Stampeded 2012)

00:44:26 (TCS 10K 2013)

01:36:23 (Celebration Bangalore Half Marathon 2013)

03:29:01 (SCMM 2014)

Career Highs

Favourite Running Event
21.1 K (Half Marathon)

Favourite Running Route
GKVK & Begur Road

Favourite Running Distance
Half Marathon

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