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Engineer, Nokia Solutions and Networks Pvt Ltd

Within 2 months of the start of running,  I could successfully complete the Sunfeast 10Kms (2009) run in 59 mins. Very soon I started training for SCMM Half Marathon (Jan 2010) and later to Full Marathon (Jan 2011). In the initial 12 months of running, I lost around 9 Kg weight. Year on Year, I improved my performance and this kept me hungry for more. At Bangalore Ultra 2010, I won my first Podium. The regular guidance from Coach Pani, helped me to learn the basics of running and remain injury free. Also my health improved significantly, with no restrictions on my diet.
Since April 2012, I started my transition to Barefoot running. This further improved my form of running and hence my performance.

Why I Run

During Jan 2009, my Health checkup report showed higher % of fat & cholesterol, and was recommended for regular walks. In March 2009, started running with my daughter to help her prepare for the school sports. Within a couple of days, I got introduced to Nike Run Club, where I met the wonderful runners including Coach Pani. There my running story begins.

Started Running

With The PaceMakers since ?
01-02-2012 (Since the Launch of the group)

Personal Hall of Fame





Career Highs

Favourite Running Event

Favourite Running Route
GKVK & Cubbon Park

Favourite Running Distance
10 Kms

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