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| Tuesday, June 9, 2015 | |
In one of the motivational videos by Eric Thomas, he says “Stop giving excuses that you are afraid of this and that. How do you know you can’t handle situations if you have not tried? If you think you are not good in writing, it’s because you have not written before” Yes. I have not written before. I am sacred if people would make fun of my article, fun of my vocabulary, fun if I make some mistakes and so on. Yet to break out of my fear I am trying to pin down the lessons and experience from my 2nd TCS10K run titled “10 lessons across TCS10K” 

1) Everything in life is a “Choice” that we make and not “Chance” - Participating in the DHL corporate challenge was a choice that I made. I am responsible for all the challenges that I had to face. Our choices define our destiny.

2) Surprise!!! - Expect the unexpected. Life is full of surprises, ups and down. It is not always smooth and as we want. The route diversion towards the Hudson circle was one of them.

3) It is the D-day that counts no matter what the preparation is - The real test for our capabilities is on the D day. How positive we are, do we get up when faced with adverse situations, do we have the courage to break the barriers and march forward? Are we adaptable, flexible?

4) You would get support from expected people - On the way down the journey when the scorching sun tested my will power to stay on the track, a fellow runner came to my rescue who said “can we run together for some time ”. It was a boost to stay on course that I got from an unknown and at unexpected time. You will get a helping hand at an unexpected time.

5) Time and effort to succeed varies - You would have to run the extra mile and spend extra time and effort to reach your destination. There were appx 20-30 runners who continued the race after the detour without the knowledge of the fresh start. Even though the race was for 10K, they had to cover the extra distance. In life there comes situation where we need to put more time and effort to achieve the results that counts.

6) Other side of the grass is not always green - The runners who kept going in the initial start were complaining of extra distance, confusion etc. Did they realize the difficulties that the runners who started at 8:55 AM had to face? The scorching heat, humidity, The Majja run crowd blocking the way etc.

7) Something’s are to be earned - There are few that money can’t buy. Respect, true love, peaceful sleep and the “Finishers Medal”. They are to be “EARNED

8) Believe in yourself - If you think you can or if you think you can’t, you are right. There were many who did not participate in the run because they believed they can’t and there were many who were determined no matter what the difficulties were to just to cross the finish line. Believe in yourself. Be determined. Take one step at a time no matter how small they are. You will succeed.

9) Celebrate. You did it - The finish line is a milestone that you have achieved. While many were sleeping, giving lame excuses, you have worked hard and harder to differentiate yourself from rest. There will always be people who know the value of your efforts, value of accomplishment and will always appreciate.

10) No experience is ever wasted. Everything has a meaning :) :) :)

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