A Week Into PaceMakers Premier League

| Sunday, March 27, 2016 |

Power naps in afternoon usually leave me powerless. I wake up feeling grumpy with do-not-talk-to-me written all over my face. In bold letters actually. Worst of all, it kills my night sleep. As I lay in my bed, twisting and turning, after another of those ill-timed naps earlier in the day, I think about the week gone by. Especially about the PaceMakers Premier League.  The sleep continues to elude me so I make a list of observations from the first week of PPL:

The easy week was anything but that. The first rude shock came when the apparently manageable 800m race tired most of us down. We have done 800m repeats so many times but this give-it-your-all two rounds of the 400m track was the hardest till date. Most of us started all guns blazing and by the time we reached to the second curve, we ran out of the ammunition. Sprinters and middle-distance runners have different legs than the long distance runners and this was due reminder of that truism.

But the real pain in the ass was the squats and lunges intermixed with the 400m run. My groins and glutes still suffer from it as I write this piece. Who said DOMS (Delayed Onset of Muscle Soreness or Morning-After problem) lasts only up to 72 hours?

All the 4 captains emerged triumphant in at least one of the challenges garnering maximum points on offer. 3 of them have already accumulated points in double digits. In short, they are setting right examples and benchmarks for their teams.

I will be the first one to put my hand up and concede that I made a mistake. I am guilty of underestimating the strength of our speedsters like Nanjundappa, Ramesh and Paripurna during auctions. The way they held their planks or did all those lunges and squats and still managed to fly shows how strong cores they have along with that enviable spring in their legs. They are not fast only because of their genes or natural abilities. Their general athletic abilities contribute much to their speed.

There are exceptions though, and one of them goes by the name Bobby :) Though allegations of doping surface occasionally, we do not subscribe to the unsubstantiated information and we strongly believe his speed and performance is the doing of his strong willpower.

Who would have thought that Juha could hold a plank for more minutes than his height in feet? Or Nishwath and Vidhya would almost be asked to give up their planks because we got tired of watching their marathon effort?  Be it Atul Mishra, Sandeep Deo, Vanitha, Harsh Kedia, Anusha or Sheetal, we got to see some eye opening performances from them. While we put our attention on established names, these unexpected success stories took our breaths away. Kudos to them and here is wishing to see more of such stars emerging from amongst us.

Looking forward to the more revelations in the coming weeks of PPL.

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