Mom Goals - How Running Made Me Happier: BY Chaithali Prasad

| Tuesday, February 5, 2019 | |

I started running about 3 years ago, with no specific goal, apart from losing a little pregnancy weight. Also I thought this would be the easiest choice where I don’t need to look for a partner or instructor. To begin with it helped me get out of my post-partum blues. Once I started feeling good about myself, I started running a bit longer. Along the way, I made a lot of like-minded friends as well. Running then became a group activity for me. I started thoroughly enjoying our group runs.

In early 2018, a few of us decided to bring in more discipline and structure to our training. We joined PaceMakers and started training with Pani Sir. This has been a big turn around in my journey. Week on week I have been following his suggestions and the change in me is very obvious.

Running made me set a goal and work towards it. Along the way, I realized nothing comes easy for anyone! No one is really ‘lucky’ to be successful. All it takes is consistency, dedication and hard work. The progress I made in terms of my distance covered, time taken, strong finishes has made me more confident and mentally stronger.

I try to spread and share the happiness in my social circle as much as possible. I lead a running group in our residential complex of around 1200 apartments. We do our running workouts together when possible, plan & sign up for events together. I also host a weekly running thread on a popular fitness group on social media wherein I encourage, track and report the running stats of the group.

I no more run to stay healthy. Instead I make sure to eat the right things, rest well and stay healthy, so I can run!

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