running to resilience : by Vishwas Puttige

| Tuesday, February 5, 2019 | |

Running has transformed many lives including mine. From a point where I dreaded doing anything faster than a walk to completing marathons it has been an adventurous journey. Completion of races fills in a sense of pride & achievement in us and inspires us to do more in the next ones. However, it’s the journey towards these goals that makes the real difference. The relentless grit to run day after day with the goal in mind sets us apart from the naysayers. 

There are many ways that running parallels to our lives. They say running is the greatest metaphor in life, as you get out of it what you put into it. Running builds resilience in us. We learn to live with pain and run to overcome them. All the success recipes in life can be directly applied to running. Consistent hard work and perseverance has shown extraordinary results from ordinary people. 

What makes running even more interesting is on the track all are equal. Irrespective of one’s background, education, professional experience, on the track all that matters is the capability to deliver results. There’s no shortcut to glory here. 

For me running has been the biggest stress buster. We live in a fast paced world with pressure from all directions. Running allows me to escape from the bustle of life and go to a trance where I feel my body is in sync with my mind. 

My association with the PaceMakers along with my friends has taken this to a totally new level. Having joined the PaceMakers family I realised what professional coaching can do to a rookie like me. The systematic weekly plan with intervals and long runs as planned by Pani Sir had made such a big difference to all the runners here. The encouragement and motivation from co-runners with their podium finishes one after the other boosted our confidence to improve. Running is no more a habit but an addiction now. 

Of the many things I’ve learnt from my association with PM family, the never give-up attitude is my favorite. With the grand finale of the season, Mumbai marathon round the corner, we all await anxiously and enthusiastically for another round of stellar performance by the PaceMaker runners, our new found family!!

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