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| Wednesday, April 20, 2022 | |

From reaching home at 4am everyday after partying to waking up everyday at 4am to train, I have come a long way..

I was undergoing a lot of personal stress that led me to near state of alcoholism and  depression. I had lost focus and decision making ability. I let myself go and gained a lot of weight. I did try getting back in shape by mindlessly working out in a gym, but it was all in vein. I even tried running on my own and could barely even finish 2km in 40min. 

Things took a turn for the better only when my childhood friend and my Homeopath Dr. Sheetal Bidri, introduced me to PaceMakers and Pani sir. At the time the only thing I knew was that I had to get my life back on track . 

Even though I probably was the slowest runner in the group then, it did not deter me from showing up every training session. The energy of the group and their encouragement played a huge role. When I saw others training regularly inspite of their commitments or issues, I felt I should give it my best too. Through conversations with Pani sir and long time runners, I also realized early on that in order to see any results of training, I have to be patient!

Having joined Pacemakers in February 2021 with a bodyweight of 78kg, through March & April I completed a multi city virtual circuit of 10K each - Kolkata, Bangalore, Delhi and Mumbai with an average pace of 7:50.

COVID paused my training for almost 2 months in May and June. I had to start from scratch.. I ran 200kms in July as part of 'Run to the Moon', getting myself into the Gold Club of the race.

From here on there was no looking back. Running was not only helping my physical health improve but also drastically improved my mental health.

Some of my races, both virtual and live:

August 2021: Fast and Up Fizztival 5K - 28:54 

October 2021:Bangalore 10K - 60:06

November 2021: Celebration Mysore HM - 2:16

Slowly but steadily, through Pani sirs systematic training plans, guidance and the amazing support from PM family, I started to see improvement in my pace, speed endurance and even distance. In just about 1 year of my training I was able to clock Sub 24min 5k at the 3rd edition of Fast and Up Fizztival. Did a sub 55min 10k at training and also got my HM PB of 2:02:58 at SPBM-2022 in April. My weight reduced from 78kg to 64kg.

Running has really made me feel lively again and has given me the required strength to face challenges in life. PaceMakers has not only added miles to my life but also lot of smiles. Blessed to be part of the group. Will try to improve further and give my best

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