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The Nike finisher T-Shirt awarded by Nike and Procam to the top 1000 finishers (850 men and 150 women) at the TCS Open 10K every year, has become a coveted memento for the amateur running community. Runners typically aspire to be seen in this shirt as it cannot be bought in stores and has to be earned in a free and fair contest, only by one's performance.

This year there were around 13000 contestants registered in the race. This translates to a success rate of around 7.5% for claiming that 'prize'! And now, here is the real kicker - There were 60  PaceMakers registered in the race. And our success rate for claiming that prize was.... a mind-boggling 65%!! Yes, that is not a typo. 38 of us clocked timings that made the cut off!! You could definitely call that 'above' average!! Just another number that makes us proud.

Congratulations to all the Winners. 


1. Rohithhg Gowda
2. Thomas Bobby Philip
3. Brijesh Gajera
4. Brian McCarthy
5. Vikram Bj
6. Bharath B Shivalingaiah
7. Kothandapani Kc
8. Murthy Rk
9. Udaya Napa
10. Brojen Singh Nongmaithem
11. Rajeev Banduni
12. Udaya Kumar
13. Krishna Kumar ( KK)
14. Prasad P Thakar
15. Harish Vasista
16. Bharat Ramanath
17. Gautham CB
18. Avinesh Saini
19. Santanu Misra
20. Eshwar Nilakantan
21. Anand T
22. Saishanker Ramadoss
23. Dipanker paul
24. Piyush Sachdeva
25. Sakthi Siva
26. Avinash Kumar
27. P John Leo Ignatius
28. Benny Peter
29. Dileepan Sreedharan
30. Vikee Parikh
31. Sandeep Deo
32. Raghavendra Seetharam
33. Ravi Rapolu
34.Prasad Pokkunuri

1. Neera Katwal
2. Ranjini Gupta
3. Shamala Manmohan
4. Juri Dutta

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  1. Congratulations to all the Winners.


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