A Dedication To The “PACEMAKERS” by Sharada Venkataraman

| Monday, December 29, 2014 | |
Pacemakers, you are a breed apart,
Ever striving to excel, with body, soul and heart;
It’s absolutely exhilarating to be of this group a part,
We wish we had been with you, coach Pani, from the start;
However, “Better late than never,” as the saying goes,
It’s rejuvenating to be with the group, and coach Pani, who keeps us on our toes;
Tuesdays and Thursdays, come 5 AM, pacemakers open the gates of Kanteerava,
Wrapped unrecognizably in sweaters, jackets and balaclavas;
Running warm-up laps in the dark, skipping like gymnasts, stre------tching and strengthening exercises, challenging workouts and the cool down- ooh, aah, ouch!
Yet, not one of us returns home with a word of complaint, a frown or a grouch;
We are all pumped up and energised for the day,
Though most of us have not the luxury of relaxing, and at home stay;
While on the saga of Pacemakers let me not forget to mention,
Some great personalities, who deserve a commendation;
Let me begin with Coach Pani, the life, soul and inspiration of the group,
Who, by example, an iron hand and an eagle eye, leads the troupe;
We then have Patrick, on a special and strict diet is he,
His voice thunders, his eyes rain hot embers, if unhealthy food he does see;
There is dear Asima, benevolent, caring and sharing,
Ever smiling, her camera flashing, her goodie bag overflowing;
I must not forget Spunky Saroja who on her bicycle cheered our full marathoners all the way,
Even though she could not participate in the race that day;
We also have Divya, Shilpa, Ankitha, Karen, Juri and Jahnavi,
Running with who makes me feel happy, young and free;
There are others like Rinka, Bala, Suman, Raju, Brojan and Pradeep too,
The list seems endless, including everyone from “who’s who?”
Of course we have our human Pegasus – barefooted Bobby,
Who talks incessantly of running for that’s his dream, his passion and his hobby;
We have Avinesh and the tall Ramesh who have promised to pace me in the Mumbai Marathon,
To ensure I finish the race strong, with enthusiasm, energy and great elan!
How can I fail to mention Kishore and all that he means to us?
It’s a special bond of friendship, hard to explain or discuss;
I must also mention Gautam and the soft spoken Bhashini,
I think among other virtues, this is her most endearing quality;
Poornima and Harini, you fill me with joy on every occasion,
Your sincere affection fills me with positive energy and elation;
I must most definitely add Neera, our drill sergeant, to the list,
She’s strict but great fun, ruling us all with an iron fist;
It would be remiss on my part not to mention Sri Krishna with the gift of the gab,
He talks non-stop- and manages everyone’s attention to grab;
Tagore, Sondesh, Lobong Lotika and Macher Jhol,
Brings to mind the ever smiling Go-pal Da from Kol;
There are many more I would like to write about, and mention their names,
But I think everyone is waiting for some excitement, fun and games;
So pardon me friends if I have omitted your name,
To belittle or hurt you is not my aim;
Pacdemakers, may you stay healthy and happy, may you progress and grow,
Though you have broken records, you have much more the world to show;
I conclude with a wish that comes straight from the heart,
That Venki and I, of this wonderful group – ever be a part.


Sharada Venkataraman
23 Nov 2014

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