Celebrate Running : By Jyothi Satish

| Tuesday, March 10, 2015 | |
About my Running experience: Only a recreational runner during 2K13’s and
participated in a few important events till early 2K14’s..now getting more addicted
to this amazing sport after time immemorial as I happened to be a keen
sportsperson during school and college days!!

Running: The desire to run comes from deep within me - from the unconscious, the
instinctive, the intuitive. It shaped me into a completely new person and gave a
special meaning to my life, made me more confident and helped me take the
toughest of decisions!!! Running aids me in allowing that inner turmoil to die
down.....to give myself the much needed time and space; something that all of us
aren’t able to find time for in our busy schedules..... I’ve met some of the most
awesome people during this journey who have turned out as my best buddies.....Love
the undying spirit of my lovely co-runners....My attitude towards life has gone
through a 360 degree paradigm shift....”Chill out and Take it easy....”..like they say...

PaceMakers: Running is often thought of as a solo sport, but you're missing out if
you happen to hit the roads all by yourself!!!

Am I too slow for a running club? ---This notion kept haunting me for quite some
time...but eventually I came to the realization that it was a big misconception....but
the fact lately dawned upon me that every one of its members had been a beginner
at one time or another...Also the thing about PaceMakers is that it has many fast
megastars, many who run to control stress, keep fit, lose weight, or just as a way
to socialize....

A wonderful thing about PaceMakers is that it welcomed me warmly into the sport
although I haven’t met all of them in person.....Now I’m feeling enthralled and
elated to be a part of it; to welcome new PaceMakers into the gang....to inspire
many out there who think that running is not their cup of tea....and I cannot forget
the fact that Social media has become more eventful with all the pictures posted/
tagged making it a lot easier to connect with people around though I hate living in
the virtual world.

Lastly about our Coach K.C. Kothandapani: "A coach can be like an oasis in the desert
of a runner's lost enthusiasm." This quote says everything that need be said about

"Running has changed my life.....and its time you give it a try...And once you get
moving, there’s no one to stop you....not even yourself...!!!”


  1. Good Jyothi, appreciate your dedication and also pushing all of us to reach our goals.

  2. Wow! Jyothi very good write up.

  3. Very inspirational reading Jyothi :) - way to go.

  4. Way to go Jyothi (Y) Inspirational as always.

  5. Jyothi...good u have added one more feather now ...having taken to blogging...beautiful...as geetu rightly says u have inspired many...pranati being the latest...truly inspirational

  6. Really inspirational write up. Very clearly emotionally written feelings. Keep it up!

  7. Good and congrats. It is good start. It should motivate the younger ones


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