PaceMakers - the best thing that happened to me in 2014 : By Anjana

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I had joined for yoga classes, several gym several times, swimming. The list just goes on. But never continued anything. The moment I feel some change in me I quit. During one of the promo runs for Bangalore Marathon I heard about PaceMakers. So I sent out an email through the PaceMakers web page and I got a reply from Sir saying I have to be at stadium at 05AM on Tuesdays and Thursdays and I have to take TCS gate and come into the stadium. And he gave me his # and said I could call him if I had any doubt. So for a couple of weeks I pondered about it…to be at stadium at 5, I have to leave my house and 0445 and that means waking up at 4. And will there be anyone on the road at that unearthly hour. It was all so scary. And after all I was never a runner to wake up so early and go train and to start with I didn’t know the TCS gate. So I skipped the idea. And just like that Asima ntroduced me to Pani Sir. He said you have to start some time and told me to come from Tuesday. I took one week leave from work coz I have heard how strenuous the work out is and I was not sure if I could stay awake in office after waking up so early and have a killer work out for 2 and half hours. Tuesday came and I reached the stadium at sharp 5 and was surprised to see so many people in the parking lot. All so welcoming though I didn’t even know them. I went straight to Sir. He asked me to do warm up round with Sharada Mam. Oh god it was so difficult to keep her pace and I was thinking I might die any moment. I was just waiting for it! But I continued, completed my first day. And I did enjoy the work out. Everyone encouraged me to keep going. Patrick would always say run whenever I started walking (Which I did a lot). And I used to run only when I see him coming or when he screams at me saying run. Me being me, I always wanted to stop going for training. But I somehow used to wake up at 4 and I was loving spending the 2 ½ hours in the stadium. The time I used to forget the office tension. The feeling of having something else to do other than work was so liberating. And do it in such a fun way.

I have to talk about my first long run. Till then I had never ran more than 5KM and I was not even sure if I could do more than that. So I asked Pat if I could skip. He said no. And I was scared of him, I didn’t have the courage to tell him no I won’t come. (I used to always ping and ask Pat if I had any doubt and I did ask him a lot of questions and trouble him. I didn’t know if I could approach Sir.) So I reached the Jewels Paradise entrance of Cubbon Park at 05AM. I didn’t see anybody there and I was scared of darkness. I stayed in the car till I could find some familiar face. Then I saw Brigadier Sir and Mam stepping out of their car. Went and joined them and after warm up Pat said you can run with Mam since you don’t know the route. And in my mind I was thinking…no I don’t want to die today. I have lunch plans with my friends. But again I was scared of him so I started running with Mam and later I realized I couldn’t keep up with her so I told her you carry on and I will follow you. So for the first time in my life I ran/jogged/walked 10KM. I was so proud of myself. And the day didn’t end there. We were joining Pani Sir for breakfast at Indian Coffee House. And the best part was Sir ordering breakfast for me. I can’t put the feeling in words, The famous Pani Sir ordering breakfast for me and congratulating me for finishing 10KM. When I met my friends for lunch that day all I wanted to talk about was about the breakfast and I think I spoke about it to whomever would listen for a whole month.

Couple of months of solo jogging/walking in PaceMakers I found a couple of people who would match my pace. I asked them if I could join them and they welcomed me to their group. And I realized the fun of running in a group. You don’t realize you have finished 400M when you are chit chatting and motivating each other to slowly continue to jog and not to walk. We kept small achievable goals. And made sure we met it. And what a wonderful group I have met. Rinka, Jahnvi, Bala, Suman, Deo and Jyothi. Love you guys!

I should talk about my first PaceMakers party….it was at RSI club. There was a game of guess the person’s name and Suresh (Whose name I didn’t know till then owing to the fact I was still new to PM) sang a song “Anjaana Anjaani” and asked to guess the name. I was so surprised. People here did know me! And I even won a prize that day in one of the games. A party I didn’t want to attend coz I thought no one will know me ended being so much fun. From having never run/walk more than 5KM, to having done10KM every weekend for the last 4 weeks and to doing more than 50KM of walking as a support crew in trail walker. I feel so proud of myself. Can’t thank you enough Pani Sir and PM family.

Oh can I also talk about getting a pic with Milind Soman! I have never met him and I used to feel so jealous of everyone who had met him (Jahnvi u know what I mean). So I went to collect my bib for Pinkathon and I met Giri there. And I told him I train with PaceMakers and I want a pic with Milind. He asked me to wait. And he checked with a few people where Milind is and I heard a few people say he must have left. I was disappointed and heartbroken. Though I have heard a lot about how helpful Giri is I never thought I would get a chance to experience it. After a lot of phone calls and checking with a few people, he found out were Milind was and took me to transit (food court in forum). And I got a beautiful pic with him and my girlfriends still hate me for that!

There are so many more memories with this group…I can just go on writing but I think I will keep it for another time.

(PS: It was more coz of respect Pat…coz I didn’t want to let u down. U were trying so hard to make sure than I put my full effort.)


  1. Hey Anjana

    Super write up. You captured all the emotions of a new comer. I can very well associate to all those feelings as I myself have gone through the same. I can also visualise you wanting to to talk to everyone about your first run and the breakfast. Here's wishing you many more PBs and happier injury free runs and many more topics to share with your friends.

  2. Wonderful write up Anjana.. You'll soon writing about your Half Marathon experience..


  3. Wow Anjana.. Was this really writting in one shot and you saying this is your first blog!! Wonderful!! And you know I relate to so many of your experiences now!! :-)

  4. Nice article... Straight from the heart. You're right about Giri... He is so helpful, it us unbelievable sometimes :)

  5. Hi Anjana,
    Nicely articulated blog. I enjoyed reading it. Wish you many more happy miles in your journey as a runner.
    Best wishes,

  6. Thanks Prashanth! Hope my next blog is after Satara :)

  7. LOL...Yes in one shot and in less than half an hour. I should seriously consider writing blogs from now ;) is tht a paid job!

  8. Thanks Harish! Yes, It was straight from heart.The memories were so fresh it was like i experienced them just yesterday. talk about Giri...i thought he might just tell me next time. I have never met anyone so helpful.

  9. congrats on ur first blog! way to go Brenneniate :)

  10. Hey Anjana,

    It felt really nice reading the blog. I really enjoyed reading it though it ended very soon. Congratulations for achieving 10KM.... And wish you all the best for more milestones to come....

    Will be waiting for your next blog

  11. Such a big encouragement. Thanks.

  12. Wow. It look smtg differnt very good pont that has put forward let. Me wish you all the very best for your upcoming life


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